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Kingston-on-Murray Primary School provides a positive and supportive learning environment for all students from reception to year six.

Policies & Procedures


All eight curriculum areas are taught across the school, with some being taught as a R-6 group such as The Arts, HASS, HPE and STEM activities. Spanish is taught through the Open Access College on Mondays to the Echidna Learning Area (R-3) and Wednesdays to the Bilby Learning Area (4-6) classes.

All students participate in Environmental Education relating to the local area of Kingston-on-Murray. Students in the Bilby Learning Area play a key role in the learning, designing and presenting of Riverlinx workshops to visiting schools throughout the year. Our school has close community links to Loch Luna Cruises, Banrock Station, the Kingston-on-Murray Hall Committee and Landscape SA, who support our Riverlinx camps and further students learning opportunities. Students actively participate in the Young Educational Leaders programme run by NRM Education.


The Kingston-on-Murray Playgroup was formed in 2004, and has been an integral source of early Literacy and Numeracy learning and development for all participants; as well as focusing on areas such as Belonging, Co-ordination, Oral Language development and most importantly Friendship since then.

Since its inception, our Playgroup had been co-ordinated passionately by Kerry Albrecht Szabo (SSO at the school), with Michelle Pope (School Parent) taking on this role in 2020 to support its longevity within the school and community.  Playgroup regularly hosts between 5-10 children most weeks with as many as 20 different children coming through the doors each year.

Special occasions at Playgroup include birthday cakes for all children, Easter Bunny visit with an Egg Hunt, Mothers and Father’s Day Crafts, Poppy making on Remembrance Day, Grandparents Day, End of Term Dress Up with morning tea as well as a special visit from Santa, and a Splash Day in the last week of the year.

Playgroup runs each Tuesday of the school term 9-11am. All children below school age are welcome along with their caregiver. Please bring a water bottle, hat and a piece of fruit or other health snack.

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